How to Build a DIY Wood Frame For Photos and Printables

I love text art. Subway art, chalkboard art, calligraphy, awesome quotes in cool fonts, etc. There are so many free printables available now that it would be easy to find one that’s perfect for every single room is your house. What’s a little more difficult is finding cool frames that don’t cost much, especially for … Continue reading How to Build a DIY Wood Frame For Photos and Printables


Watercolor Techniques

Watercolor painting is one of my favourite things to do in my spare time so I figured I would teach you some basic techniques so you can enjoy it as much as I do. For a more challenging tutorial you can try the Balloon-Themed Birthday Card Tutorial I posted a few days ago. There are a … Continue reading Watercolor Techniques

“Be Creative” Wall Art DIY

Supplies 30" x 11.5" white pallet board 4" tall paper mache letters (the 'b' is 4" tall, the 'e' is 2.5" for reference) Cursive chipboard letters Martha Stewart Craft Paint in: Wedding Cake (white) Amaranth (pink) Habeñero (red) Marmalade (orange) Chamomile (yellow) Pea Shoot (green) Beach Glass (blue/green) Pond (blue) Purple Yam (purple) Gold metallic Paint … Continue reading “Be Creative” Wall Art DIY