“Be Creative” Wall Art DIY



  • 30″ x 11.5″ white pallet board
  • 4″ tall paper mache letters (the ‘b’ is 4″ tall, the ‘e’ is 2.5″ for reference)
  • Cursive chipboard letters
  • Martha Stewart Craft Paint in:
    • Wedding Cake (white)
    • Amaranth (pink)
    • Habeñero (red)
    • Marmalade (orange)
    • Chamomile (yellow)
    • Pea Shoot (green)
    • Beach Glass (blue/green)
    • Pond (blue)
    • Purple Yam (purple)
    • Gold metallic
  • Paint brushes
  • Push Pins
  • Yard stick
  • High temp hot glue gun (this is the gun I use)
  • Professional strength hot glue



Step 1: Prep

Cover your work surface and insert 3 (or more as needed) push pins into the back of the paper mache letters. This will keep the letters elevated off your surface in order to dry without sticking.

Step 2: Paint

In order the help the colors show the brightest, I first painted the letters with white paint to provide a nice base for the colors to stick to.
Once the white paint is dry, I painted each letter in a different color in a rainbow-ish order:

C-pink / R-red / E-orange / A-yellow / T-green / I- teal / V-blue / E-purple. While the big letters were drying, I also painted the chipboard letters with the metallic gold paint.

Once everything was dry, I added a second coat of color to all the letters
Step 3: Glue
To help keep the letters evenly spaced, I laid a yard stick across the bottom of the pallet to pre-space the letters.
I kept the yard stick there while working (it also helped make sure that the base line for the letters stayed the same) and use hot glue to hold them down. I should point out that you should only use hot glue if your hot glue gun gets VERY HOT and you use professional strength hot glue. If you don’t have those 2 things, use a wet adhesive likeE-6000. This is not a “green” adhesive but it will hold excellently.

Step 4: Hang

Once it was set, all I had to do was hang it on the wall!
– Tutorial and pictures from www.creativegreenliving.com

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